CALL receives funding to survey local rivers


We’ve been approved for grant aid from the Community Waters Programme for the surveys and eco studies of Ballyhip and Carrowniskey rivers. The work will be carried out by Ken Whelan and his team and will commence June this year. Great to keep working assessing the rivers in our area!

In seeking funding for various projects such as household energy-saving, PV generation, and tree
planting CALL members have become increasingly aware of the many support schemes for climate
action and biodiversity enhancement initiatives. Such schemes have the potential to bring a lot of
financial assistance into the area as well as helping nature and the climate.

With a view to exploring the twin opportunities of maximising funding for farmers whose land
adjoins local rivers while also enhancing biodiversity, CALL has commissioned a study to assess the
ecological status of 2 local rivers, the Carrowniskey and the Ballyhip. The study will assess the
potential for flood prevention as well as exploring ways of improving habitats in the rivers and along
their banks.

The rivers study will be carried out this summer and will involve sampling of the insect and fish
populations as well as cataloguing other animal species and plants. There will also be a brief drone
survey of the river systems.

Studying the Ballyhip River. Photo: James Ryan

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