Sustainable Energy

Be energy efficient and move to renewables

Why it's important

We all use energy to heat our homes, heat our hot water and drive our lighting and electrical appliances. Most of the energy being produced in the world is made by burning fossil fuels.  This process produces CO2 gas which escapes into the atmosphere and exacerbates the “green house” effect causing our earth to become increasingly hot.  The years between 2015 and 2022 were the 8 warmest years since records began in 1850.  If we do not do something about it the world will become uninhabitable in the not-too-distant future.

What is CALL doing about it

We are working to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel generated energy by assisting members of the community in making their home less energy dependent by:

  •  Insulating walls and attics
  •  Replacing draughty doors and windows by more modern, high heat retaining units
  •  Installing solar PV panels and storage batteries to capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity
  •  Installing more efficient heat generating equipment such as condensing boilers and heat pumps (these pumps can deliver up to four times the heat energy expended in the electric energy driving them)

We disseminate information on Local and Central Government grants to assist in paying for these measures. We also assist in distributing and filling out application forms and getting quotations from reputable contractors and provide project management services when required.

We have commissioned energy audits in typical housing estates to identify the works needed to improve building energy ratings (BER).

We are continuously searching for viable methods for harnessing wind energy for the community.

Shared green deal

In association with Mayo Council we have recently been selected as the Western Europe winner of the European Shared Green Deal Renovations Project. Together with Lithuanian (Northern Europe), Spanish (Southern Europe) and Hungarian (Eastern Europe) partners we will carry out a Europe wide social study on Home Renovations.

A community approach

We organise PV Meitheals, the purpose of which are to invite approximately a dozen interested parties to proceed with solar PV installations. Working with local contractors and availing of economy of scale, we are ensuring good value for money while supporting local industry.

Within CALL, we would like to support and promote activities like these ones, according to what you, as a community, feel is more needed. Please if you have any ideas of additional activities to carry out, send them over!


What can YOU do about it

  •  Start reading your electricity meter every week and keep records of your usage. Keep records of your purchases of oil or solid fuel so that you can know how much your energy is costing you
  •  Turn off lights in rooms that are not in use
  •  Install thermostatic valves on radiators if you have central heating
  •  Ensure your hot water cylinder is well lagged
  •  Install controls to separate your water heating  from space heating (SEAI grants available)
  •  Install draught proofing strips in your doors and windows and ensure you keep doors shut in cold weather
  •  Remember that heat rises and so insulate your attic if possible (SEAI grants available)
  •  Insulate the external walls of your home (SEAI grants available)
  •  Contact us for free advice and assistance

External links & Resources

Below you can find some links we find particularly useful when attempting at being more energy efficient and moving to renewables

discover home energy upgrade options as well as individual grants

what they are, why you need one and how to go into installing them

Ireland’s renewable energy targets, see where Ireland is leading and where we are falling short

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