Sustainable Mobility

Use less fossil fuels

Why it's important

Most of us living in the Louisburgh area, Clare Island and Inisturk depend on fossil fuels for transportation either on land or sea. One of the greatest users of fossil fuel is our transport needs. Due to the rural setting and no public transport west of Louisburgh, families depend on their own cars or the ferry to get to their jobs, school, shopping, entertainment, health needs etc. contributing to carbon emissions.

We in CALL are planning to get a group of interested members of the community who will work on this issue to find ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels in our transportation and become sustainably mobile. We envision a community where Westport commutes occur by bus, carpooling is common and bicycles and e-bikes are the regular way of transportation within town. 

What is CALL doing about it

Understanding our needs

We have met with members of Mayo Co. Co., SEAI and Transport Ireland and are putting together a questionnaire whereby members of our community can inform us of their needs and desires as far as mobility is concerned.

Rural links

We would like to put in place Local Rural Link busses which can collect people from their doors or designated sheltered areas and carry them to their destination or to meet the bus in Louisburgh. As yet there is nothing in existence here, but there are pilot schemes in parts of Mayo which will provide useful information after their completion.

Transport directory

We are also collecting information to build a comprehensive guide with all buses operating in the area. We are very fortunate to have a very good bus service from Louisburgh to Westport and beyond daily. Click in the image to see the timetable.

Should you wish to become involved in this group, please contact us and we will set up the group as soon as possible!

What can YOU do about it

Walk, cycle, use local buses, carpool

Walking and cycling keeps you healthy. Using buses and sharing rides saves petrol and vehicle depreciation and all the associated carbon emissions.

Invest in green vehicles

Green vehicles are not only good for the environment, they are also cheaper in the long run: they involve a reduction of 74% in transport costs compared to a new diesel engine car, and a lowest rate of motor tax according to the SEAI.

External links & Resources

Below you can find some links we find particularly useful when attempting more sustainable ways of transport

Information on grants for electric vehicles

Ireland’s efforts to move towards sustainable transport

Planning a trip? see where you can charge your electric vehicle along the way

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