Climate Action Louisburgh Locality are pleased to announce that we are now proceeding with our third PV Meitheal.

In the first Meitheal, 11 installations totalling 76kW of solar power were installed and a further 51kW were installed in another 10 buildings in the second (Spring) Meitheal.

Work is now proceeding on a further 10 buildings with a total of 51kW of solar power and a number of additional quotations have been issued.

There has been a very enthusiastic response from those who have installed panels so far as homeowners see their electricity bills getting smaller, they are now receiving credit for excess electricity which they are returning to the Electricity Grid. Apart from the savings being made, we are now requiring less electricity to be provided to our locality thus reducing the need for the ESB to burn fossil fuels to the detriment of our climate.

Since our meeting in Killeen Community Centre last August 15th, we have documented a list of people present who showed some interest in developing Solar PV in their homes. Should you now wish to take the next step towards installing an array, we urge you to contact our group so that we can facilitate a speedy deliverance of an estimate of your needs and a quotation from the local installer. Costs have improved since May of this year and we urge you to act now while these VAT reductions are still in place. Since 1st May the VAT on solar installations has been removed and this has made installations more affordable.

We can provide you with approximate details of solar production, the cost per kWh and the payback time on your investment. Putting all these together we can show you the savings possible to your energy costs annually.

Jim Campbell 087 2847695