Louisburgh’s Energy Master Plan


Louisburgh’s energy Master Plan was drafted in 2019. The plan was drafted by Louisburgh and Killeen Sustainable Energy Community, of which two CALL founders are also founding members.

The plan gives important energy information about the mainland part of our locality. I am hoping the islands will contribute their Master Plans when they become available.

CALL’s energy plan is based on this Energy Master Plan. The stated aim in the Plan for the Louisburgh Sustainable Energy Community is to:

” Improve the wealth and well-being of the population of our Parish and reduce dependence on hydrocarbon generated energy by promoting energy saving schemes and by promoting the development of sustainable, renewable energy sources”

Our plan also takes into account the government’s Climate Action Plan 2021 and long-term Climate strategy as well as recognizing that it must be adaptable to inevitable changes in these as time passes.

If you want to read the 2019 Master plan, please find it below.