Winter 2023-2024: sharing trees


This winter season we are continuing sharing trees with our community.

We received 340 native trees from Paddy Mangan, who performed a wonderful gesture this Christmas and distributed 9,000 trees around Ireland. If you want to read more about this inspiring story, please click here. The trees were distributed among Facebook Followers of the Irish Native Tree Group where Paddy first advertised his endeavor, and our local Growing Louisburgh WhatsApp group. Paddy is now assembling a network of distributors for the Free Trees Ireland project and we’re proud we’ll be part of this!

We have also had conversations with Easy Treasy to provide 600 more trees in the area this winter. Keep posted!

We love giving away trees and planting the idea that yes, trees belong in windy, exposed South West Mayo. Let’s make this corner of the world what it once was 💪🌳

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